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tv   Senator Claire Mc Caskill on Special Counsel for Russia Investigation  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 3:25pm-3:28pm EDT

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>> while we wait for the joint discomfort will go back now to the center for american progress conference from earlier this week. >> just how hard she is fighting to protect you know. there's don't i would rather l have in her role leading the fight. joining nancy to the stage will be neera tanden who will lead the conversation. [applause] [inaudible] >> good morning. speak back like to capital from hear from senator claire mccaskill. >> to make a determination as to
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where this investigation should go and what it should include. as a former prosecutor i respect that decision. he did acknowledge that he learned comey would be removed prior to him riding his memo. >> say that again. >> e newcombe is going to be removed prior to him riding his memo. >> joe lieberman has now been emerged as a top candidate for fbi director. would you receptive to that? >> i think it's a mistake to nominate anyone who is run for office. i'm someone who spent a lot time in law enforcement that this is a moment where we need a law enforcement professional that's never campaigned for a presidential candidate, never campaign for office, never worn a party label to have the fbi. >> what is your take within the revelation that he knew director comey would be fired regardless of what his recommendation was going to be. >> well, i think the facts speak for themselves. i'm going to not comment any further because we still don't have all the facts. we don't have the documents. we don't have sworn testimony,
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but he was very careful about not going into any detail surrounding the removal because he wants to give robert mueller the opportunity to make his independent decision as to where the investigation -- >> do they not take a back burner? >> there were a lot of questions about him cooperate with investing -- investigations, that he wants to give robert mueller the opportunity to deconflict with the committees of jurisdiction conducting investigations. i think he generally obvious he expresses a desire to cooperate with congressional investigations. >> senator graham just told us based on reading reading this investigation has crossed into and oppression -- to a criminal case and that this may affect limit congresses ability to get evidence and bring in witnesses to testify. >> he is a former prosecutor also and i will let his common speak for themselves. what i sense from


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